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Thread: Yet Another Parameter Post (Job -> Transformation)

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    Default Yet Another Parameter Post (Job -> Transformation)

    I've been perusing the forums, reading documentation, testing different setup and scenarios and I'm failing to comprehend what it is I need to do to get a parameter passed in a Job to work with a subsequent transformation. Yes, I have followed the instructions here ( to no avail. Yes, I have been looking through the forums and its quite possible I haven't stumbled over the thing that I'm not getting yet.

    OS: Windows 2008 R2
    Ver: Pentaho 4.2.1

    Here is what I am passing from the command line:
    C:\pentaho\data-integration\Kitchen.bat /rep:"Production" /job:"TESTJOB" /dir:/TESTJOBS /user:testuser /pass:xxxxxxxxxx /levelebug "-parm:RUN_DATE='09-FEB-2012'" > C:\pentaho\log\testjob.log

    "Replaces variables in script" for the table input (from oracle database) is checked on the transformation.
    I am using the proper format for the param ${RUN_DATE}

    Now, this is where things get a little fuzzy for me.

    I've tried adding the parameter to the job settings (CNTRL+J) & parameters tab and the closest I could get to make this work is having it accept the default value. I've never had it properly replace the param value in the transformation.
    I've also tried adding the parm in both Job & Transformation ensuring that "Pass all parameter values..." was checked in the transformation settings in the Job.

    Do I need to add a "Get Variables" task in my transformation? That doesnt seem right to me...

    I've tried many different combinations, Im wondering if the command line is throwing things off? I tried removing the single quotes around the date but thats not the issue either.


    PS - I am able to get this to work by running the transformation and typing the value I want in the setup but I really want to run from Job command line.

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    I think the best way to see how arguments are used is to check the examples provided with PDI. In your PDI installation directory samples/jobs/arguments and samples/jobs/arguments2 are two examples how this works.

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    First of all: arguments are command line arguments and they have nothing to do with named parameters. In fact, named parameters were invented so you wouldn't have to use arguments anymore.

    That being said, "it doesn't work" isn't enough to work with. Why don't you create a simple sample that we can look at. Then we can perhaps offer comments.



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