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Thread: traffic lights in OLAP Analysis View

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    Default traffic lights in OLAP Analysis View


    I need in my OLAP Analysis View to use the traffic lights for some KPI Values. Just for values over then certain threshold the colour has to be yellow respectively red.

    How can I do this?

    Thank you for your answers,
    regards Peter

    In my fact table, on which base I defined the cube for the view mentioned above, using Schema Workbench, there is also a table field with already initialized flag values: 0 for green, 1 for yellow, 2 for red.

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    that is a thing I am interested in too

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    Default Maybe with this

    In the samples. You can use jpivot and conditional formating. Background color is used in:pentaho-solutions/bi-developers/analysis/query1.xaction
    the MDX query is:
    with member
    [Measures].[Variance Percent] as '([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget])',
    format_string = IIf(((([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget]) * 100.0) > 2.0), "|#.00%|style='green'",
    IIf(((([Measures].[Variance] / [Measures].[Budget]) * 100.0) < 0.0), "|#.00%|style='red'",
    select NON EMPTY ...

    This article:
    uses arrows "|#.00%|arrow='up'" or arrow='down'"

    In another article it is mixed

    And in here, they talk about modifying the CSS: jpivot/table/mdxtable.css.

    Using PRD is another option.
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