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Thread: Installation and Setup

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    Default Installation and Setup

    I work for a start up. We're committed to open source, and we are using open source where ever we can. From the SugarCE to our netbeans and eclipse dev tools and our LAMP servers. That is not to say that we don't want to pay - we paid for our Red Hat Licenses on the important workstations.

    That being said, I am pretty damn frustrated with pentaho right now. The CTO suggested Pentaho, and from the enterprise eval, it seemed like a good tool.

    Then we got a call from the sales people at Pentaho. Kinda of steep compared to a $500 copy of SAP Crystal Tools. But enterprise reporting for $35K.. .well, its not out of the realm, but out of a startup's needs.

    So for the past 2 hours, I have been trying to install and setup the CE edition.

    Based on this page:

    From there I go to the source forge page. I download the 4.2.1, unzip and viola!

    No installation instructions. Well, none that I could find.


    So try another tact. I go to this page.

    That tells me I need to download the eclipse plug-ing:

    A zip file containing the Pentaho Action Sequence Editor plug-in for Eclipse 3.2 on all the platforms is available for download from the Pentaho Clients download site. Download the and unzip the file into the top level of your Eclipse installation. The zip will extract the files into your Eclipse plugins directory.
    That sends me back to the download page where I can download the enterprise version.

    So, my questions are:

    1. Where are the CE downloads?
    2. Which ones are the current stable?
    3. Where are the installation instructions for that version?

    Thank you for supporting Open Source.


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    Oh, and from the "getting started" pdf in docs folder:

    Scroll down to Pentaho Data Integration 4.2.1 GA and click (Windows icon). Click (Linux icon) if you are
    using the Linux Operating System.
    Note: The installation instructions in this document are based on the Windows Operating System
    3. Fill out the contact form.
    4. Click the Download Pentaho Data Integration 4.2.1 GA button to begin the download.
    You will receive a confirmation email that provides you with credentials to access the Pentaho Knowledge Base, which
    contains product documentation, support tips, and how-to articles.
    That link takes me back to the download for the enterprise product.

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    keep calm ...

    Thats really the place where you will get CE version from :

    A very detailed installation tutorial can be found here :

    Afterwards you will have a bi-server running as a staring point.
    The development tools have to be installed separatly :

    pdi is the etl tool
    prd is the report designer

    Good luck,

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    Some of the CE tools are more developed than others.

    PSW - Pentaho Schema Workbench is a Java Program which you would use to build a Cube Schema. If you have a plan for your Dimensions and your measures, it's not that bad. If you are just trying to figure it out without a plan, it's pretty difficult

    PRD - Pentaho Report Designer is a Java Program which you build "canned reports" (they may have parameters), and it has a few quirks. They are fairly well documented on the forum (here)

    Follow the documents that Peter linked to, and explore the full BIServer system (also called PCI for Preconfigured Install) which has a lot of samples so you can see what you're getting.

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