I'm trying to make a new dashboard from an embedded iframe in a separate application. I'm having several issues with this:

I get an error that says the file selector can't run outside the user console when I try to add an existing report to a dashboard pane. When I try to create a new report for a pane, I get an error that says it cannot show the data source selector.

I had a similar issue when I was trying to open an existing dashboard through an iframe, but I got around that by adding an empty glassPaneListener function to the iframe javascript, but I see no way around this as I need the file selector and the data source selector to not be empty.

If I do get this working, does anyone know the api for saving a dashboard? Saving an analyzer uses the gctrl.remoteBrowserController to save, and an interactive report does the same thing on a PIR frame, but I cannot find any documentation on how to manually save a dashboard.

Is it even possible to create/save a dashboard through an iframe?