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Thread: JPivot is no longer being maintained

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    Default JPivot is no longer being maintained

    Which is the new technology instead of JPivot? Are there some changes needed (schemas, views…)?

    I changed to the latest available version of BI Server
    (; user console 4.1.0).
    In the New Analysis View I can visualize my cube properly (after publishing within PSW).
    However it appears the message:
    “JPivot is no longer being maintained.
    It is provided as a convenience in this release but may be removed in a future release.”

    I suppose, in my case, JPivot is still used and needed. Is there an information within my schema that JPivot is needed. What is going to happen, when JPivot is not provided?

    Thank you!

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    Take a look to saiku analytics

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    Nobody knows ...
    The community suggests to use saiku but there is nothing in pentahos roadmap
    regarding an official successor. There have been some threads in the forum already.

    I wrote a note how to delete the message from the bi-servers console here :


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    Analyzer. but thats not opensource! so saiku is a good bet ...

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    Formal response:
    So yeah, go with saiku, or pivot4j

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