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Thread: Pentaho: links between datasources. What means? Five pictures

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    Default Pentaho: links between datasources. What means? Five pictures

    I have 5 pictures about datasource on the same server. Why are they different and what means every of them? Is anywhere exists an explanation about this?
    What means every of them:
    1. /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/olap/datasources.xml
    2. /biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/simple-jndi/
    3. administration-console->Database Connections
    4. table DATASOURCE from hibernate mysql database
    5. new report from Pentaho User Console
    I red a lot, I have a database which I use it but it is not clear for me till now subject from above.
    Please few words of clarification.
    Thank you
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    Can explain somebody who experienced?

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    1 is a registration of a mondrian.xml file. this is used by mondrian to have access to a cube
    2 don't think that is used on the bi-server it's an example
    3,4 these are the jndi datasources on the server configured in the administration console these will be used on the server and are stored in the hibernate database (4)
    5 i'm guessing this is the ad-hoc reporting ? (this uses a metadata.xml file and is linked to one of your jndi datasources)

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