I´m trying to make a solution for report bursting through PDI, using BIRT as reporting engine. Use of PDI is mandatory to avoid some problems related to losed sessions ID when i use EmailComponent Action in BI-Server (v. 3.5.2).
Basically, i have a mailing daemon xaction (designed to be scheduled), that call´s diferents XActions with the BIRT component. The output of a BIRT Action, as we know, is a content type variable, usually report-output. A content variable is something like "Solution_ID/Folder/solution_name.xaction.pdf, Solution_ID/Folder/solution_name.xaction.pdf.xaction/pdf/61c6de6e-66f1-11e1-a3d7-2d7539784d7e, application/pdf". And as i see it, the content variable should be pointing to a file called (/pentaho-solutions/system/content/Solution_ID/Folder/solution_name.xaction/pdf/61c6de6e-66f1-11e1-a3d7-2d7539784d7e.pdf"
First of all: is that right???
If this is right, i´m having problems when i try to pass the variable to a PDI transformation (to attach in a sendmail step), because the content variable point´s to a file that doesn´t exist. I mean: the content-id in the content type variable is diferent than the file physically created.
I have searching for a solution but is difficult. I´ve noted that behaviour creating content or not depends of the XAction output destination, but i´m losed by now.
Can someone help me?
Thanks advance!!