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Thread: How to show the percent symbol in output.

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    Default How to show the percent symbol in output.

    I'm doing a simple transformation.

    Table input -> Formula -> Join -> Execure SQL (Output)

    This is my formula.

    IF ([lastsalesytd] = 0;0.00;(([lastsalesytd] - [lastcostytd]) / [lastsalesytd] ) )

    I have a Value type of number.

    It' get's outputted as a decimal, I need percent. I've in the past tried all types to tricks in the formula, but I'm trying to revisit this issue to see if someone has come up with anything new.

    Thanks in advance.

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    after you have calculated your value you will have to change it to a string and concatenate a % sign to it.
    because a % sign is not a decimal number but a string.

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