Hi guys I have
1) server A with gzipped tab separated files
2) server B with installed KETTLE.

Both servers are Linux installed. And there is key-based ssh authentication between them.
Files on server A has a format event.%date%.%platform%.tsv.gz i.e. event.20120314.1.tsv.gz event.20120314.2.tsv.gz

Information in these files are
time a b c d
time a b c d

Also I need to process rows and make form
time a b c d %platform%
but transformation is a minor question for me now.

Please suggest me a good way to load these data.
a) I do not want to store these files locally
b) I do not want to transfer those files uncompressed over the network

I think I need one more Input element which will run command and use its stdout as source of data. But I can't find it 8(