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Thread: How to change default authorization creating a new content in BI Server

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    Default How to change default authorization creating a new content in BI Server

    When a Pentaho BI Console user creates a new analyzer view (or a report or a dashboard, it's the same) and saves it in a folder, default authorization on this analyzer view are : the user that just created the view has a full access and the admin has a full access, that's all. What I understand is that, at this point, the user needs to change manually rights on his analyzer view in order to give access to other roles or users.
    What I would like is : when the user saves his analyzer view, default authorizations are the same than the folder authorizations.

    Is it possible to change this behaviour ? I haven't found anything explaining how to do that.

    Thanks in advance for your help


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    This is a security design. For example, let's say your defaults are DEV, QA, PROD. Now, let's say the CEO creates a nice Analyzer report for himself. We don't want everyone to have access to this report, so we designed new report creation so that the owner must explicitly give authorization. To get around this, you can publish the report from a client tool. Or save the file somewhere, place it on the file system, and refresh repository cache. This will apply the default authorization.

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