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Thread: Count of incoming hops in Javascript entry

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    Question Count of incoming hops in Javascript entry

    Hello all,

    I googled already and searched the forum but I couldn't find a solution for the following:

    My intention is to run some entries in a job in parallel but then wait at a specific entry until all predecessors are completed and then run sequentially. The idea is to use a JavaScript entry which increments a job variable each time it's called. After the expected value is reached it continues with the following entries. Generally this works fine but to make it even more handy I'm looking for a way to access the count of incoming hops in the JavaScript entry. Is this possible via some variable/function in the JS code?

    Thanks in advance!

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    you can access variable by using the getVariable() - getEnvironmentVar() functions.

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    Thanks for your answer. I know how to access variables in general but I'm interested in getting the count of incoming hops to make my JS entry more generic and reusable.

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    The current way to accomplish this in PDI is to use nested jobs:

    Job 1
    - Job 2 (Parallel Wrapper)
    - - Job 3 (Parallel)
    - - Job 4 (Parallel)
    - - Job 5 (Parallel)
    - Job 6

    Jobs 3, 4, and 5 will execute at the same time (in parallel)
    Job 6 will not start until Job 2 finishes, which will not happen until all Jobs (3, 4, 5) complete.
    Job 1 will not finish until Job 6 finishes.

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