Dear masters,

I have built a report portal for my in house software using Jasper Report. Now i find it very difficult to for me as a developer to maintain list of reports for the users.

A good friend of mine recommend Pentaho's dashboard, where by the user decide what report they want to see and generate. I saw the demo video and it looks great! I have tried the wiki and getting started documentation but i am still lost. I have a few questions going in my head and any leads to the right information will be in great help! Here goes:

1) Is it possible to wrap pentaho's dashboard into a java web applet?
if yes, is there any guide or documentation?

2) Is it possible to feed custom xml or CSV data into pentaho? (the data is either coming from SAP report output or csv data from machinery)
if yes, what is the tool required and any documentation?

A million thanks!