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Thread: Migration to Enterprise edition from Community Edition

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    Default Migration to Enterprise edition from Community Edition

    Hi all,

    I'm currently working on pentaho community edition. Soon will be working for a client and will be completely migrating our works to Enterprise edition.
    I want to know wat all the points that i've to take care or difficulties i'll be facing during the migration.
    Ppl who has prior experience plz share it here...

    Thanks in advance


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    I face the same thing, too.

    How to set EE project so it can run in Pentaho CE, and vice versa.
    I have worked with Pentaho CE for 3 weeks, and I need to use PDI, Schema Workbench, Mondrian and Dashboard projects individually, while in EE it seems you can build it in one run, I haven't test all the EE.

    Glad if someone can help.
    Thanks in advance

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    A high-level overview is here:

    Since you are EE customer, it is best to reach out to the support portal and check with Pentaho support or services.
    Pentaho services can help e.g. with migration projects.


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