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Thread: How to deploly kettle job on client linux machine

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    Default How to deploly kettle job on client linux machine

    Hello All,

    I m new in kettle(Penatho Data Integration 4.2.1) .
    I have created kettle job. Now i want to run this kettle job on client environment(LINUX).

    I have keep kettle job,transformation and files on (D drive of )client machine and tried to run kettle job by file by cmd propmt.
    but it gives me error.

    Can anybody please help me now what is require to run kettle job on LINUX machine?

    Is it require to install Pentaho Data Integration on client machine?
    Without installing whole PDI what is require to install?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Linux machines don't have "D Drives"...

    If you want to run a PDI job on the client machine, you need to install PDI. If you only install part of PDI, you will likely be missing some files required by the job and you will fail with errors.

    If you're posting for help to this forum in future, it's important to include the error message you are getting.

    Hope that helps,

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    Thanks paul to guide me.
    Ok now i got my answer that WHOLE PDI should installed on clinet envrionment to run kettle job.

    Thanks a lot.

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