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Thread: Massive Load Data (6 files of 800,000 records)

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    Default Massive Load Data (6 files of 800,000 records)

    Good morning.

    I have installed PDI in a Linux virtual machine with a MySQL database server.

    I'm loading a serie of files of about 800,000 records.
    The first three I could load the files correctly. With the following is not able to finish loading and the server leaves me hanging. Starts loading correctly but gradually slows down load the table until a time that does not advance, also uses all the physical memory of the virtual machine.
    Is there any way that the memory is emptied out every so often to get to spend it not all?


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    So first of all: that's not a massive data load.
    Then: how are you loading the data, with the MySQL Bulk loader step?
    Finally: what version of MySQL are you using? I remember a problem with index space being used up on the MySQL side while bulk loading. We created the "Bulk size" option for that.

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