Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I've started a blog about Pentaho and Postgre where I'll post my experiences and things I learn about them =) it's in Brazilian portuguese, since I haven't found much material about Pentaho in my own language. In any case, the blog's name is "Pentaheando por ai..." which could be translated kinda as "Pentahing around" =p and it can be accessed at http://pentaho.proveisso.net

I was thinking about that idea for a while now, initially as a place to share the things I learn here and while using Kettle at work. After trying to search for Pentaho material and communities in my language, and getting kinda let down at what I've seen, I thought it could be a good thing to go on with the project. The only thing I really see it lacking so far is that I only have expertise in Kettle, and not the rest of the Pentaho Suite, but let's see if I can change that during this year.

My thanks to Matt and Slawo and the rest of the crew for the awesome tool, and also for gutlez and all of you guys here from the forums for all the help you gave me so far =) I hope I can continue to be a part of this awesome community and make it even better with this new project!