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Thread: copy table data source between reports

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    Default copy table data source between reports

    I have a table that I use to map uuids to customer site names. I need to add this table to several reports I have created. Is there an easy way to do this?


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    Copy & Paste.

    But: I maintain all my table-datasource contents in a excel-file. That makes it easy to edit the stuff, sort it, rearrange it etc. And with the import function getting all reports in sync is easy enough then.
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    wow, I was trying to copy the query which has no option to copy when right clicked. After your reply I tried again and sure enough I can copy the data source. Thanks, and the excel tip is a good one

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    Can you point me to any documentation on how to get a table data source from an excel file?


    EDIT -- nevermind just spotted the import button below the table data editor

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