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Thread: difficult report layout

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    Default difficult report layout

    I would need some help and advice for the following problem.

    we have a department that needs a report. but the final output must be excel, because users need to manually add information in the file before printing it out.

    to retrieve the data is not difficult, but there is one issue. there is a column which refers to a team id that comes with even or odd numbers. the even numbers should be displayed on the left side of the report and the odd numbers should be displayed on the right side of the page. so I have a two column layout.

    has anybody done something like this before? what is the best approach? to setup a report with two sub-reports - one on the left side and one on the right side? and then: is it possible to properly export the result to excel?

    thanks for any help.



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    sounds like you're already on the right track. of course it'll export properly to excel. Just make sure all your rows and columns align, and all will be well.

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    I have one problem though. the layout is more difficult. actually I have 4 subreports, two on top - one left one right, two below them - one left one right. now the problem is, that when doing a preview, the subreports print over each other vertically. I tried to put them in bands, but this does not help.

    any suggestion?

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    You could put them in different bands ... for example one in the report header and another in the report footer, or in the group header/footer

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