I am working on situation wherein I have to join the data of two SAP tables. I have only found one way of doing it, which is retrieve all the data from the tables and do join in Kettle. I was wondering if there is any other way of doing that. I understand there is an external library called ProERPConn for doing that. I want to know is there way of doing this without external libraries. For example I have to do something like select * from A join B on A.x=B.y where A.x=10.

Current Approach:- retrieve all x from A based on condition and all y from B and do the join in kettle
Best approach:- is providing this clause itself in SAP Input (which I understand is not possible)
Could Work/Preferred approach:- Retrieve all x from A based on condition and retrieve only the corresponding y from B

Any Suggestion about Could Work/Preferred approach or any other better Ideas would really help me in my situation.

Thanks & Regards,