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Thread: Custom Queries in Pentaho Metadat Editor.

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    Default Custom Queries in Pentaho Metadat Editor.

    I am Using Metadata Editor 3.8.0.
    I want to add custom query in my .xmi file
    By custom i mean that i can write diffrent select statements,where conditions and UNION Statements.
    And after writing custom query i want to use this .xmi file as datasource for creating Interactive report in pentaho BI platform 4.1

    How is this possible using Pentaho Metadata Editor?

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    I am facing similar issues.
    As a work around I created Customize datasource(.xmi) in Pentaho 3.8 BI Platform EE. When I imported this file in Metadata editor and exported after making some changes. But, it didn't work. It gives error as Table doesn't exist.
    Warning: Running an XSLT 1.0 stylesheet with an XSLT 2.0 processor
    14:57:25,643 ERROR [SqlMetadataQueryExec] SqlMetadataQueryExec.ERROR_0002 - Quer
    y execution failed: Table ' pa_displayname as devicename from vpa_d
    evice' doesn't exist

    Basically, it is considering entire query as a Table name hence failing.

    Is there any way we can add cutomize query in Metadata editor instead of importing tables?

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    I think it is giving error beacuase it treats it as (schema_ name).Select ... from tabel
    hence it is not able ot execute it.

    can anybody suggest us how to remove (schema name) that appears before query?

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    Did you ever think of creating views in DB and then importing them from metadata, that is one of the simplest ways, else you have to put up with the formula expressions of MQL.

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