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Thread: Merging 3 or more datasources

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    Default Merging 3 or more datasources

    Hi All,

    I want to merge 3 datasources into single table.It means
    Table1 :CustomerName

    Table2 :CustomerId

    Table 3 ccupation

    Now,finaltable must consists of CustomerName,CustomerID,Occupation.

    Here,I can do FULL-OUTER Join using MERGE component.But,it is limited to two datasourcs only.How can I do this if i have this requirement.Please suggest me.Please.Please.Please:-):-):-)

    Krishna Murtyu

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    If it's in the same database, use SQL.
    If not in the same database either use 2 Merge Join steps or the experimental Multi-Join step. Sort on the database.

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