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Thread: PDI and MonetDB

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    Default PDI and MonetDB

    Hi all.

    I (newbie!) have built a transformation to load data from an xml-file in a database table.
    This works very well if I connect to the default db: HSQLDB.
    We are testing a MonetDB RDBMS (for its speed), and I decided to load the xml-data into a MonetDB database.
    Loading into the MonetDB works fine. But when I want to open the Model perspective or Visualize Analyzer (in Spoon), by right-clicking on the TableOutput Step, and selecting one of these options, I get the following exception:

    org.pentaho.pms.core.exception.PentahoMetadataException: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException:
    Couldn't get field info from [SELECT * FROM uren.ureninfo]

    Error getting row information from database:
    No such column with index: 1

    But I can see that table 'uren.ureninfo' has the data that comes from the xml-input step. I can see this within Spoon, with the DBVisualizer program and also with the MonetDB client application. Executing the 'SELECT * FROM uren.ureninfo' query against the database gives exactly the data that was inserted.

    I installed PDI-CE-4.2.1-stable, BIServer-CE-3.10.0-stable and PRD-CE-3.8.3-GA (maybe an overkill?).
    I copied the right version of the MonetDB jdbc jar (monetdb-jdbc-2.2.jar, and removed the version that came with the installation) into :
    These are the places where i could find hsqldb.jar

    Could anyone point out if this is the right way of working? Are there any .ini or .properties files to adjust?

    I would really like to be able to show a potential client that Pentaho BI also works on their databases.

    Thanx in advance.
    Rui Rosado

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    Some additional information:

    In PDI, using the Database Explorer on the MonetDB connection, table 'uren.ureninfo', the following actions are OK/NOK:
    OK: Preview first 100, Preview x Rows, Row Count, View SQL (and it executes correctly) and Truncate Table
    NOK: Show Layout, DDL, Data Profile, Model and Visualize

    The NOK items all give the error in my previous post

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    We recently did a lot of changes to the MonetDB driver, implemented work-arounds for issues, upgraded the JDBC driver, and so on.
    So perhaps you could give version 4.3.0 a try?

    You can find recent builds on our CI server:

    Feel free to report back problems here or in this case:

    Good luck,

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    Thank you, Matt. I'm going to check that out and will let you know of my findings ...

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