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Thread: How to schedule Job in Kettle

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    Default How to schedule Job in Kettle

    Hi All,
    How to schedule the Jobs/Transformations in Kettle 4.2.1 version?

    Suppose I want to run one Job daily at 7 PM ,So i have tried option available in job, right click on START option, job sheduling window is open, but it cant work.

    Can anyone know what any other things need to do to schedule the job.

    Is there any other way to schedule job in kettle?


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    For scheduling from transformations use pan :
    For jobs use Kitchen :
    And then make a windows or linux cron job
    Other ways are with xactions and schedule in the bi-server

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    Thanks for your reply.

    without using any window /os shedular can kettle provide facility to sheduled the job?

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    it can if you use the EE ( enterprise / paid ) DI Server.
    As mentioned the BI server can do it via xactions too.
    Also the latest BI server ( sugar ) can schedule jobs directly without xactions I believe. ( CE / free )

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