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Thread: What tool should i use for my project ? Need directions !!!

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    Unhappy What tool should i use for my project ? Need directions !!!

    I am a beginner in this domain so I don’t have any idea from where should I start. Below I have listed all points that I do every day. I don’t know what tool should I start with or use the tool to do what I have written below. I need to finish this in 3 months.
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    1 – Every morning I download CSV files from FTP server. These CSV files are encoded in ANSI, so I convert them to UTF-8 without BOM because of french accents.
    2- At the same time I have to export some other CSV file from BackOffice for reporting.
    3- All the files downloaded are imported in my database wampserver(mysql). I import them in phpmyadmin
    4- I execute some SQL commands for reports.
    5- I export them to format CSV files .
    6- Then I send these reports via Microsoft Outlook

    Any help would be welcome.
    Please ask me any question if it's not clear.
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    the fact you're asking this in the pdi forum, surely already means you've found your answer. Use PDI.
    As for How to do what you're asking, read the docs, books and peruse the samples - what you're discussing is all very simple stuff.

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    Okey thanks i will try if i m lost i know where to find you.
    But I just read some docs and as i was not sure, i wanted to be sure before jumping into this.

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    from the perspective of a new PDI user myself, I found the first "project" I took on was pretty difficult because I was new to ETL and PDI. I found myself stumbling a lot - but as a result learned a bunch. Now I feel more comfortable and can complete new transforms in short time.

    Don't get frustrated It gets a lot easier!

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    Look for youtube user interfase demos.
    Download PDI (aka kettle/Spoon).
    Browse the short samples in the 'samples' directory, like 'CSV Input - Reading customer data.ktr'.
    You can use the computer tasks to run/schedule your transformation or install the PBI web server which is more stable.
    have fun!

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    Thank you all for your guidance.


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