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Thread: Oracle Bulk Loader: I think I'm missing something?

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    Default Oracle Bulk Loader: I think I'm missing something?

    I have several jobs that I am trying to convert from Windows batch processes over to PDI jobs that use sqlldr to load data into various databases. I have setup the bulk loader steps to the best of my ability and whenever I run the job, it does not fail, but PDI does not appear to even be loading data. I am using all pre-defined control files, and I have verified that the data files I am using for input do have data in them.

    I am running PDI 4.2.1-GA.

    I have attached the bulk loader transformation I am using, along with one of the control files and my logs from my attempted runs. I have removed actual schema and table names and substituted them for 'X'. Also, due to restrictions on file types I can upload, I changed the control file to .txt format (generally, I have this in .CTL format). If anyone can provide feedback as to why I am not able to get this to work, or you need additional information, please let me know. Note that I get this same issue on all of the jobs I have attempted to convert over to PDI that use the oracle bulk loader, not just the one I have attached.
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