Hi All,
I m beginner to use KETTLE 4.2.1.

I have created one tranformation to get data from one table into other table,here i have created TEST dabase repository
and database connection maintian inside the repository.

Go to Tools->Repository->Explore
you can see the "connection" tab, and create connections there.
I have simply stop to using database connection information in user Kettle configuration, which is maintained in the file: ~/.kettle/shared.xml.
means renamed the shared.xml file.
so it can use connection which is mentioned in repository.
But is gives me error like "you need to specify Database connection " "Error initialize step" while running the transformation.

I am follow some of steps from below link for reference

Please help me where i am wrong.

My main aim to doing this ,when i m running tranformation from TEST database repository it will take tables from test database and if i run from PROD database repository it will take database connection of PRODUCtion database.