Hi Guys,

first of all sorry for my English... is poor. I've got a problem that I just can't solve, i'm really in trouble. I' m using the BI CE 3.9.0 and i need to customize the PUC deeper ( for example enable/disable toolbar buttons or menubar items by role of logged user ). I state the i'm not a great java developer, however I have a little experience... I download source code from svn and build up project correctly in Eclipse, and I started to change the following classes hoping to find a simple feedback (System.out.println("Hey i'm here")) but NOTHING is show in console even in tomcat logs. Seems like it were never called in process:
- org.pentaho.mantle.client.MantleApplication.java
- org.pentaho.mantle.client.XulMain.java (the only one in the whole project that refers to configuration file .. main_toolbar.xul...who calls and load *.xul files?)
- org.pentaho.mantle.client.toolbars.MainToolbarModel.java
- org.pentaho.mantle.client.toolbarsMainToolbarController.java
- org.pentaho.mantle.client.solutionbrowser.SolutionBrowserPerspective.java

the only one that i get feedback is MantleServlet.java, but i don't think it will solve my problem. I' have absolutely no idea if i'm looking in right direction to solve my problem and understand pentaho logic, but i really appreciate if someone could show me the right way to go or even some small advice.

Thanks in advance