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Thread: dropdown parameter selection from multiple columns in query

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    Default dropdown parameter selection from multiple columns in query

    I have a table of users with columns for first and last names. I'd like to have a parameter that is displayed as a drop down list for selecting a user, and the values displayed should be the user names (first and last, so data from 2 columns separated by a space).

    I'm thinking this may be possible with the "Display Value Formula" but I'm not sure how to implement it, or if its even possible.

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    just write a query to concatenate the first and last name.
    like if you are using mysql then "select concat(lastname,firstname) as fullname form tablename" and use this as a parameter.

    other way to do at reporting label is:

    retrieve two field lastname and first name from query and then use

    "=CONCATENATE([lastname];[firstname])" in Display value formula while giving parameter.

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    Personally, I hate the CONCATENATE function, as it is verbose and hard to read. I prefer the concat-operator & for that sort of job:

    =[firstname] & " " & [lastname]
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    excellent, thanks.

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