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Thread: How to do i18n in CDE?

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    Oct 2013


    Hi Pedro,

    Can you please let us know the steps or refer some documentation on how to use the i18n / localization in CDE?


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    Oct 2012


    Hello Pedro,

    have you a quick documentation (link) to how does i18n in CDE works ?

    Best regards

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    Hi all,

    here's a Quick&Simple how-to that demonstrates the usage of i18n in a CDE dashboard:

    1 - create a new cde dashboard and apply the 2-column template

    2 - make a new text component
    - name: text01
    - htmlObject: Panel_1
    - expression: function f(){ return Dashboards.i18nSupport.prop('XmlStructure.ERROR_001_LOAD_FILE_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION'); }

    3 - save dashboard with name i18nTest

    4 - open i18nTest CDE dash:
    - with no specific properties file, value was loaded from global file at /pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho-cdf-dd/lang/

    5 - create a message_<locale>.properties (ex:,, ...)
    - add line: XmlStructure.ERROR_001_LOAD_FILE_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION=This message is now coming from my localized file

    6 - upload this message_<locale>.properties file to the same directory where you saved i18nTest dashboard :
    - properties files are hidden by default; on the menu bar click "View > Show hidden files"

    7 - (refresh browser's cache) open i18nTest CDE dash:

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

    Pedro Teixeira

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    Jan 2013


    Hi Pedro,

    thanks a lo t for your description. I will try it next week. Can you please load pictures to your thread - currently there are links to not existing pictures

    Thank and have a nice day,

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