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Thread: JDBC Driver 'opt-in' downloader

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    Default JDBC Driver 'opt-in' downloader

    Hey all,
    Saw the recent note on the developer list about the JDBC challenges.

    One of the approaches a couple of projects I've used/worked on in the past is a 'default download' setup to 'opt-in' to get GPL licensed JDBC drivers.

    What I would recommend is to configure pointing to a specific version of a GPL-licensed JDBC driver that exists in a Maven repository so the user can download it when they request by a button click -- this gets around the application distribution problem, but helps mitigate the user installation challenges.

    Just a thought!

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    Thanks Darren, that's basically what we're proposing for the PDI marketplace with the added detail that we should be able to auto-detect if the driver is missing from say a .ktr.
    Unfortunately, in a UI like Spoon that's not a big deal. However, on a server deployment it's something totally different.

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    Dear Matt :

    I uesd the Oracle bulk loader to extract data from text files to oracle,but there is a question

    that though option the direct path and parallel, it creates a data file which takes a lot of

    time comparing to use sqlldr directly without kettle . And if I choose the method 'on the fly',I

    could not option the parallel and throws out error of opening the .dat file . I hava to do this

    with kettle , 'extract data from text file to oracle', in this project. So could you please tell me

    how this kind job works and how to improve the performance.

    Best regards !

    Thank you for your time!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why don't you create a new thread in this forum so people can properly discuss it.

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