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Thread: Spoon Crashes :(

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    Default Spoon Crashes :(

    i have a serious problem, while using UDJC spoon often shows an error..
    Lorg/pentaho/di/trans/step/StepMetaInterface;Lorg/pentaho/di/trans/step/StepDataInterfaceZ) Register # contains wrong type.

    after that spoons asks for continue or terminate spoon. even after clicking on continue, i ' m not able to use spoon unless i terminate the spoon from task manager and start again.

    help me!!!!

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    Wow, this sucks. I had my hopes up because google search had a hit on this wonderful error. But turns out, just another poor chap having exactly the same problem as me. I cannot provide any concrete repro path. It just occurs from time to time and I have to create a brand new UDJC to get around it

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    This is one of the reasons why I always recommend to do Java development in an IDE (Eclipse) and only do the minimal as far as integration is concerned in the UDJC.

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    Did anyone ever determine the cause of this error? I'm having the same problem with udjc in pdi 5.3.

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