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Thread: Report Designer Eclipse Plugin

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    Default Report Designer Eclipse Plugin

    I want to install the Eclipse plugin for the Design Studio, so I am following the directions here:

    The first section says "A zip file containing the Pentaho Design Studio for various platforms is available from the Sourceforge website. The full design studio download contains Eclipse 3.2 bundled"
    That's overkill, since I already have eclipse on my machine.

    So I go to the next section "A zip file containing the Pentaho Action Sequence Editor plug-in for Eclipse 3.2 on all the platforms is available for download from the Pentaho Clients download site. Download the and unzip the file into the top level of your Eclipse installation. The zip will extract the files into your Eclipse plugins directory."

    But when I follow the link, it takes me to the commerical version download.

    Question: Where can I find the Eclipse plugin for the Design Studio?


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    Hi John
    I too faced the same issue. Did you get the Eclipse plugin ? If so pls tell me the link or tell me where it is available.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Pls reply


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    just to be clear, the plugin is for the action sequence editor - it's nothing to do with report designer.

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