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Thread: excel output - each report row takes up 2 rows of cells

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    Default excel output - each report row takes up 2 rows of cells

    I'm having a few problems formatting my reports for excel output. My customer wants to be able to do some fancy excel stuff with these reports for further analysis, so I need to get them cleaned up so they will be useful. My biggest problem right now is that each row of report data takes up 2 rows in excel, so row 1 is rows 7&8 which look like they are merged together, row 2 is rows 9&10, etc. I tried using an expression to disable dynamic height of each element in the details band if the output format is table/excel but that didn't work. Is there some trick to this?

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    Align your elements in your detail band to y=0 and that will go away. All table-exports try to preserve as much of layout-details as possible. So if you say that your elements start at a certain y position, we make sure that this is preserved.

    Also if you have two elements starting at different y-positions, we make sure that difference is preserved too.

    After all, reporting means you want visual results, and visual coherence is what we preserve.
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    That didn't do it. Also, originally each row took up 3 excel rows, and I think I got that down to 2 rows by changing the size of the bands in report designer so there was no blank space below the elements I have on the report. Unfortunately its back to 3 rows per row of report data now.

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