As a non-admin user belonging to my custom Limited_Users role, I tried the following:

1. Logged into my pentaho bi-server user console.
2. Created a new sub-folder named 'test' under the folder for the 'limited_users'.
3. Created a new report named 'pentaho' inside the 'test' folder.
4. As soon as I finish saving the new 'pentaho' report, both the 'pentaho' report and the 'test' folder disappear from my file browser (even though I just created them). When I login as a full-admin, both the folder and the report exist, but the Limited_Users role is not listed on the share permissions for either the 'test' folder or the 'pentaho' report. The creating user is also missing from the list of those assigned to the new folder/report. On the parent folder, 'All Permissions' are granted to the Limited_Users role.

When I googled for this issue, I found a thread where they stated that new reports by default are only owned by their creator. However, this is not consistent with the behavior that I'm seeing. Even the creator is losing rights to newly created content. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?