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Thread: Feature suggestion: load balancing parallel steps

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    Default Feature suggestion: load balancing parallel steps

    At this moment (pdi 4.2), the output of a task can be chosen to be "copy" or "distribute" I would like to have a third option "balance". That option would put the available output row onto the input row of a step that would not block the insertion of the data into its input queue.
    The current option "distribute will make the transformation "as slow as the slowest step".
    The proposed option "balance" will make the transformation "as fast as the fastest step".

    I have a few servers that all do the same thing, but differ in performance. The performance can vary in time, so a fixed setup is not a good solution.

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    I already have created a UDJC transformation step that just does this (load balancing, see attachment), but wouldn't it be nicer to have it as an extra output-option?

    Carl van Denzen
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    Quick FYI: Have a look at
    As an ETL developer I want to have built-in support for load balancing in Kettle transformations

    Thanks & best regards,

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    What Jens means is that it's a standard feature of 5.0.

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    I'd just like to add that this is awesome. Really looking forward to this!

    Keep up the good work guys!

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