Hi my fellow Pentahoers,

My question is, how can I define the sort order of the data in either a chart element or the details section of a Group element in a report.

The question is coming about because of the following situation:

I am trying to match the sort order of data in a chart with a table in the group element in a report. What is happening is the data on the chart (a stacked bar chart) is sorting the data in one direction and the details of the group element is sorting it in the opposite direction. If you look at the attached image you'll see that the lowest data element in the stacked chart (the blue HEM data) corresponds with the top of the Group details data (and with the top of the chart legend for that matter). I would love to be able to reverse either the sort order in the chart or the Group details band, or sort them both in a particular way that will line up.

Any suggestions?

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