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Thread: confused about drilldowns on cde

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    Default confused about drilldowns on cde

    Help? Ive been stuck on this all day. I cant get my head around why its not working. Im new to cde and am trying to make a bar chart that when a bar is clicked on opens another bar chart, preferably in the same window although for simplifying things, a different window is ok to begin with... I think theres something wrong with either the parameters or the click action code...

    I created 2 rows in the cde layout. The first bar chart works fine. For the second one, my sql query looks like this

    select stat,percent from table1
    where sname = ${Sname}

    I then, on the data sources screen, clicked parameters and entered Arg0: Sname Val0: NameA Type0: String
    Then on Components I add Simple parameter, Name Sname Property value NameA
    Next on the bar chart component for the 2nd chart I set listener to Sname and click parameters then put Arg0: Sname Val0: Sname (and do the other bits - width, height etc)
    Last step I go to the 1st chart and set clickable to True and Click Action code is like this:-

    function (s){


    When i run the preview, both charts show as the 2nd is using the default value i set which was NameA but when I click anything on the top chart, the 2nd one says no data found.

    Being new, I am confused and not sure what I have done wrong?
    Bit more info, both bar charts use different sql data sources but the same database table.

    If anyone understands my description can they offer some help please?
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    Default have you set the Listner : name on second chart ??

    Hi ,

    have you set the listener name on second chart ??

    My opinion first try the both chart in different window and make it workable , then attach the click action on it.

    Let me know if any confusion.

    (skype: pranav.lakhani )

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes the listener is set on the second chart to 'name'. Both charts do work correctly by themselves. Its only when clicking on a bar in the first chart I get the 'no data found' message on the 2nd chart. I think its just not updating the value of the parameter with the series name of the first bar chart....

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    Good to hear that its working now.

    Regards, Pranav

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    No it is not working.

    Both charts display when i click preview, the 2nd chart shows the default series value which i set on the parameter 'Property value' but when i click any bar in the first chart, the second chart displays 'no data found'

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    Default check with alert.

    Hi ,

    Please put the alert and check the value is passing into parameter or not ?

    Regards, Pranav
    (add me on skype , pranav.lakhani)
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    I am unfortunately new to javascript but added this line to the click action code in the hope that its what you mean


    When I click on a bar in the 1st chart, the popup says 'undefined'

    Ive added you to skype incase I see you on there. Thanks

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    Hi, use


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    Aha. Yes, when i do that the alert says 'Serie'. I changed the 'Series in rows' to true for the bar chart and now it works! Thanks everyone for your help. One more question though, is it possible to drilldown in the same window? So that the 2nd chart opens on top of the first one?...

    [edit]Doesnt matter, fixed
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