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Thread: How can I delimit that a From-Date parameter not to be smaller than 6 month ago?

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    Default How can I delimit that a From-Date parameter not to be smaller than 6 month ago?

    I want that my From-Date parameter is not smaller than Today()-180, so if the user input a smaller data, the value must be Today()-180.

    I have defined a hidden parameter FromDatMin = DATEVALUE(TODAY()-180) and I tried to put something like this in the 'Post-Processing Formula' of the FromDat parameter:


    but it doesn't work, my FromDat parameter results <Null>.

    Certainly the Formula Editor screen shows the message "Formula:Not enough data for computation", so the formula itself seems to be wrong.

    Someone can help? Thanks!

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    in your query, you can do something like this:

    select * from table where dt >= LEAST(FromDat, current_date() - interval 180 day);

    * current_date() - interval 180 day evaluates to 180 days ago
    * FromDat is the date paramater that the person chose from the date picker
    * the MySQL "LEAST" function will use whichever one is older (smaller)

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    Is your FromDatMin parameter declared *before* your FromDat parameter? If not, then you wont see a valid result, as parameters are evaluated in order, and your FromDatMin has not been evaluated in that case.

    Btw: You dont need an extra parameter, you can inline everything into the Post-Processing formula.

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    Tthank you again, resolved!

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