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Thread: Problem with admin console -- Failed to get role names

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    Default Problem with admin console -- Failed to get role names

    I've recently installed the latest version of Pentaho BI Server, and I'm experiencing some problem with my admin console.

    It seems I can't get it to connect correctly to my DB, and it keep on returning this message when I start it :
    "Unable to refresh security information: PacService.ERROR_0031 - Failed to get role names."

    In the admin console, I have access to "Database Connections", but not to "Users and Roles". My pentaho server is fine, up and running.
    I've changed my DB to MYSQL and I have rename my DB "hibernate" into "pentaho_hibernate" and change my user password. I do not know if that is what is causing this problem or not.

    I do not know where my problem comes from, and I need a little help to fix it.

    Thank you

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    Nevermind, I was using a 4.5.0 admin console with a 3.10.0 server... Of course it didn't work

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    I had the same problem on a 4.5.0 server. I decided to try to use the old admin console from 3.8.0 server and it worked as a charme. But in any case I'm just curious to understand why that happened with 4.5.0 admin console. I think it could be a bug in the new code because I just renamed the 4.5.0 admin console in pentaho and changed it with the directory of the 3.8.0 admin console and it worked.

    Anyone has any suggestion about it?

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    Had the same problem but finally found it.
    I just copied the
    from the old 3.8 installation into the 4.5 installation and that didn't work.

    For use with 4.5 PAC you have to add one line to this file :

    <mapping resource="PentahoUserRoleMapping.hbm.xml" />

    Have fun,

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    This Answer has been of very help. Thanks.

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