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Thread: CDE: CSS class for TextInput box.

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    Default CDE: CSS class for TextInput box.

    I can't seem to get a css class attached to this CDE component.

    There is no attachment for the component itself and assigning a class to the layout element does not work.

    Literally all I'm trying to do is change the size of the box.

    I found the html element by name, and I suppose I can assign a style directly....

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    Simple css

    something like .yourClass > select {width: 100%}
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    Yes, and that is exactly that seems not working. I place the component in a column, I set the column's css class to .prettybox, let's say. I enter the width (the color, the font type...etc, tried many different ones) in the style sheet, save it, yet the button remains unaffected. It does affect the column itself but not the component within.
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