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Thread: Chart Post-Processing Script

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    Default Chart Post-Processing Script

    I am using a regular Bar Chart in PRD. I have way too many labels on my XAxis, which makes it unreadable. Im playing with post-processing formulas.

    there are a couple that I CAN get to work. For instance:

    • chart.getPlot().domainAxis.setTickLabelsVisible(false);
    • chart.getPlot().domainAxis.setTickLabelFont(new Font("Arial",Font.BOLD,12));

    However, I can not get the one that i NEED to work to actually work. And that is:
    • chart.getPlot().getDomainAxis().setTickUnit(new DateTickUnit(DateTickUnit.DAY, 7));

    does anyone know what I am doing wrong with setTickUnit??


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    If you use a categorical chart, then the values on the x-axis have no sort order, as categorical data uses a nominal scale. You need to use a XY-Bar-Chart if you want to have a interval-scale.

    Read: to learn the difference

    Once you use a XY-BarChart with date-values as domain-values, your domain axis will be a "org.jfree.chart.axis.DateAxis" and you will be able to call the method "setTickUnit".
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    great response! Thanks Taqua! I will check it out...

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    I was actually looking at doing the same thing since I have a lot of values on the x-axis and it becomes unreadable. Is the post processing formula you are talking about present when you define a parameter?

    Please can you let me know where exactly in the report can I find it and what do I need to change to customize the x-axis labels.

    Thank you

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