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Thread: How to set the minor interval on X-Axis in a Line Chart?

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    Default How to set the minor interval on X-Axis in a Line Chart?


    I have an Report containing an Line chart.
    On the X-Axis of this Line chart, i display the dates.
    Currently there is no interval between two consecutive days.

    Now i want to insert intervals at every 30-minutes.
    Which means that, i will be having 48 such intervals between two consecutive days.

    According to charting terminology, it is called as the minor interval.

    So, how do i set this minor interval for a Line Chart?

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    Do you use a XY-LineChart or a categorical Line-Chart. If the latter, then you better switch to XY-charts.
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    @Taqua: Originally i was using a categorical Line-Chart, but now i am trying with XY-LineChart.
    I am facing difficulty in setting the minor interval for the X-axis.

    Primary DataSource: TimeSeries Collector
    time-period-type: Minute

    x-tick-period: Minute
    x-vtick-label: true
    x-tick-interval: 1.0

    I want to show the x-ticks i.e. the labels on the X-axis on an 30-minute interval i.e. 48 ticks between two consecutive days.

    Please suggest a way to achieve this.

    Also, I have come across Time Series Line chart on the Pentaho forums, but Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.3-GA. 14656 doesnot have it.
    In which version of Pentaho is it available?

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