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Thread: Select queryComponent adds an item as undefined to the list

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    Default Select queryComponent adds an item as undefined to the list


    Please help me...

    I created this component:
    abcdSelector = {name:
    "abcdSelector",type: "select",parameters:[],parameter:"a", valueAsId: false,htmlObject: "abcdobject"executeAtStart: true,queryDefinition: {queryType: 'sql',jndi: "src"query: function(){var query = "SELECT -1,'- ALL -' FROM DUAL UNION SELECT ID, DESCRIPTION FROM ABCD";return query;}},postChange: function(){alert (a);}

    It gives me the dropdown list but adds an element undefined to the bottom of the list.
    Can someone tell me me where am I going wrong.


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    I've a beginers problem and I can't find a working solution.
    CDE is a sophisticated GUI, but I couldn't use dynamic sql queries build from javascript as is in Debi's example.
    When a create a DataSource I can't use query -> function() { var query="Selec myCol1,myCol2 from MyTable"; return query;} "

    In these cases the "preciew" doesn't show the component and he log sais:

    07:41:28,799 ERROR [JavascriptRule] 3ecc3972-bdbf-11e1-bb9e-61532375a51c:COMPONENT:context-1789029026-1340516488780:jtable.xactionJSRULE.ERROR_0003 - Javascript rule execution failed
    org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: ReferenceError: "query_result" is not defined. (<cmd>#7)

    What did/do I wrong?

    Please help me (my boss is getting angry)

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    I am new to this and getting the same issue, did anyone get the solution?

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