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Thread: Dashboard Designer based Customizations

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    Default Dashboard Designer based Customizations

    Hello Everyone,

    We are trying to use dashboard designer to report Org. wide KPIs. Currently, I am looking for customization of such dashboard (built using designer) to include features such as:

    (i) In a chart layout, I want to dynamically change the metric based on the button clicked by the user. For example: if the user clicks the revenue button, it should show the revenue trend while if he/she clicks on gross profit, it should show the GP trend in the same view. Is it possible through some .xaction component? If yes, how should the xaction design look like? Please help me with pointers.

    (ii) Adding filter or input elements in each of the boxes, instead of having a central filter pane at the top.

    (iii)Adding company logo, on the header.

    (iv) Tabbed data tabs with feature with search box.

    We are trying to entirely use dashboard designer, as using CDF framework is quite effort intensive considering the hand coding required. Also, it is difficult to get resources who are good at both Java and BI. Please help me with your valuable suggestion.

    Deepak | blog | email

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    nbaker Guest


    This kind of customization is well beyond the design intent of Enterprise Dashboards. CDF while it will take more time to get something displaying, will in the long-term be a better path.

    (i) You could probably get this working with an XAction.
    (ii) Not possible, though we're looking to support this in the future.
    (iii) This can be done by modifying the XUL templates to add another panel. The ID of the panel will be preserved and paired with a CSS file can be styled to have your logo. Not ideal though.
    (iv) Not possible.

    As you can see, we just don't have the full flexibility you would have with a CDF-based dashboard. Good luck to you!

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