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Thread: Are values of time supported by PRD charts?

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    Question Are values of time supported by PRD charts?

    I am trying to plot a 'hh:mm:ss' time value on a bar chart, but the chart returns no results.
    Does PRD charts support time in this format, and if so can anyone show me how to display them?

    my values are stored in mysql as a 'time' datatype, and I am able to display them in a PRD table using a 'date-field', with the format set to 'hh:mm:ss' and Date-format set to 'true', but these settings don't seem to change the chart output when I apply identical settings to the chart.

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    there's a little quirk in PRD charts - they dont understand data type. But they do understand java dates. So add a "convertToDate" function to your report, make sure that correctly returns the date as expected, and then use that in the chart.

    Also; Use the timeseries collector if it's available on your particular chart and you'll get a better axis.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I have not used any function in my report so far so could you explain how they are used, I cannot find reference to function uses in the documentation?

    when I add the 'convertToDate' function to my report, i then see 'ConvertToDateExpression3 (Date)' in the 'Fields' section.
    I am assuming I should then add that to the report like I would add a normal 'date-field', but I cannot see how it should be used to query the result I want or pass it to the chart.

    The same applies to the TimeSeriesCollector function?
    when added to the report I can see 'TimeSeriesCollector4 (TimeSeriesCollection)' in the field list, but how do i use it for the chart?

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