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Thread: Metadata Editor - Updating the metadata model tables with newly added columns

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    Default Metadata Editor - Updating the metadata model tables with newly added columns


    I created a metadata model sometime back with some tables. Now one of tables included in the metadata model has a new column. what would be the process to include that newly added column to my metadata model?

    I am not able to find any easy way to do this,except to delete the table, re-import it, and then repeat all the steps I did before like add to business model, relationship and then finally view.

    Can some one please suggest if there is a way to update the existing tables so that they take up the newly added columns?


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    you have to add that column by hand.

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    I thought you could always add a new table to an existing business at any time, just like when the model was initially created.

    As for adding new columns to a physical table already defined in the model. A co-worker showed my how.

    1. Double click the physical table to bring up the Physical Table Properties
    2. Click the green plus(+) button at the top of the Subject section
    3. Give the physical table column a name. It does not need to match the actual column name
    4. In the 'Settings' section, find the Formula Value: field and enter the actual column name. It must match the name of the actual column name.
    5. Click OK,

    and voila, you have a new column that you need to add to the business tables and views in the business model.

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