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Thread: Background Image for Dashboard Charts

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    Post Background Image for Dashboard Charts


    We are using Pentaho BI Server 4.1.0 GA version and we have developed certain charts like Pie Charts,Dial Charts,Bar Charts,Line Charts,etc using Open Flash Chart Components.
    We are trying to embed a background image for these charts and we have tried out a few options on researching .

    Can some one answer the following queries:

    1.How can we add background images to pentaho charts as specifying “<chart-background type=”image”>images/logo.png</chart-background>” and “<chart-background-image>images/logo.png</chart-background-image>” both are not working .

    2.Are there any graph plugins available that sit on top of Pentaho?

    3. Are there any properties that we can specify in the chart xml to achieve this?


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    nbaker Guest


    Ok good news and bad news. The class which generates the output to the browser is configured in the pentahoObjects.spring.xml

    <bean id="IChartBeansGenerator" class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.chartbeans.DefaultChartBeansGenerator" scope="singleton" />

    The bad news is the default implementation is not written well, there's no editable template. It's all stored as strings in the class:

    You will have to create your own implementation.


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