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Thread: Chart output different in biserver and prd

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    Default Chart output different in biserver and prd

    I am having a problem generating a report I have designed in the BI server.

    The report contains a chart showing some varying data over the course of a 24 hour period. There are in fact 4 overlaid charts. Within PRD the rendering is perfect. I have two problems when publishing (the second is the major issue)

    1) The report is published as a PDF. The PDF render shows vertical white lines in the categorical area chart.

    2) When data is missing for a given time period (i.e. row -> "some time of day",null,null) then the biserver version of the categorical area plot show a strange effect (looks like the chart is covered with dripping paint) which I assume is the area being plotted as a "0" instead of null for these times.

    I have attached a image the prd and biserver output (1st image = biserver, 2nd image = PRD)

    Can anyone help me to correct either of these problems.


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    just a note to this, once the output from the BI server is saved to a pdf file and opened separately the artifacts above go away. Seems this is just a result of showing the PDF inside the biserver page....

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