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    I have a trouble with mondrian. I have a database, scheme for mondrian and saiku plugin in pentaho BI. Then mondrian generate some SQL, it returns 0 rows, while this sql is ok and return thousands rows.

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    this is OK with first dimension, no filters

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    this is OK with second dimension, no filters

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    this is not work!!! Both dimensions, no filters

    Here some log information from mondrian_sql.log about this:
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,712 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: Segment.load: executing sql [select `time`.`year` as `c0`, `time`.`month_string` as `c1`, `v_client`.`client_name` as `c2`, `v_sku`.`manufacturer_name` as `c3`, `v_sku`.`brand_name` as `c4`, `v_sku`.`product_line_name` as `c5`, sum(`sales_cube`.`quantity`) as `m0`, sum(`sales_cube`.`amount`) as `m1` from (Select,, t.day_str, t.month,year, t.month_string from (select distinct time_key from maxxium_reports.sales_cube) s inner join maxxium_reports.time_dim t on as `time`, `sales_cube` as `sales_cube`, `v_client` as `v_client`, `v_sku` as `v_sku` where `sales_cube`.`time_key` = `time`.`id` and `time`.`year` = 2013 and `time`.`month_string` = 'Август' and `sales_cube`.`retail_outlet_key` = `v_client`.`dim_key` and `sales_cube`.`SKU_key` = `v_sku`.`dim_key` group by `time`.`year`, `time`.`month_string`, `v_client`.`client_name`, `v_sku`.`manufacturer_name`, `v_sku`.`brand_name`, `v_sku`.`product_line_name`]
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,974 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: , exec 260 ms
    2013-11-19 00:02:19,975 DEBUG [mondrian.sql] 19: , exec+fetch 263 ms, 0 rows
    Here the database dump and xml schema:

    Where should I look with this problem? Can anyone explain what is wrong here?
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