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Thread: Chart - Dynamic Y-Axis Settings

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    Default Chart - Dynamic Y-Axis Settings

    I have a report displaying a line chart. When I preview the report the values the report decides on for the y-min, y-max, and y-tick-interval make the chart hard to read and useless to end users. The data displayed in the chart is dynamic based on the item number the user selects so i can't hard code any of the values, the settings for one item number will not work for another.

    Charts do not support dynamic values for the y-axis settings so I can't use a value from my resultset or a value from a function to change the default settings. Is there any way I can set the values dynamically? I have seen some other posts talking about using Chart Post-Processing Scripts to change values in a chart. I have never done this before. Can a script be used to change these settings? Any example scripts or links to resources about Chart Post-Processing Scripts would be appreciated.

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    I found a fix for my issue. I upgraded to Report Designer 3.9.0 -- it does a much better job deciding on the values for the y axis and it has a y-auto-range property where the y-min and y-max values will be automatically calculated based on the lowest and highest values in the data set.

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